Nothing compares to the radiance of a diamond. Lose yourself in its sparkle, in the symmetry of its cut and in the variety of its colors - with the diamonds of VON KÖCK.
Thanks to our expertise and advice, we can guarantee you a clear view on the world of diamonds. With an exclusive training at the Gemological Institute of America Inc. – the international reference institute for gemstone and diamond determination – we offer you the professional expertise for reliable quality assessment and a smooth and safe acquisition of the diamonds. The membership of the Diamond Exchange allows us to provide you with the right certified diamond for your individual wishes.
Diamonds are globally classified according to four strict criteria. The so-called "4 Cs" are only extended by a fifth one at VON KÖCK. You can find out what these "5 Cs" mean for you here.
Each angle and measure contributes to the classification of the "cut degree". We know exactly which have the biggest influence and how to measure them. Therefore, we only offer diamonds that receive the rating "very good" or "excellent" at graduation.
diamond diagram
diamond diameter
Contrary to popular belief, carat is not the size, but the weight. At VON KÖCK, we are always looking for diamonds that are cut solely with the aim of maximizing brilliance and fire, not weight. For us, beauty matters, not size.
Only a minimal percentage of the world's diamonds are "colourless" or "almost colourless". Over 95% of all diamonds have an obvious yellow or brown tinge. However, we at VON KÖCK only use diamonds where absolutely no tint is visible from above – because diamonds are graduated upside down.
The purity grading of diamonds is done at ten times magnification, but there are diamonds that do not require magnification to detect inclusions – even in the "slightly included (SI)" and "very slightly included (VS)" levels. We reject these diamonds, in which inclusions are visible to the naked eye!
The fifth C from VON KÖCK is unique in the world of diamons. It stands for Confidence – your trust that you place in us and that encourages us every day to extend our expertise. For this reason, as trained gemologists and renowned jewel experts, we can offer you extensive experience and an thorough professional evaluation of each diamond. With internationally recognized certificates from specialist institutes such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America, California) or HRD (High Council for Diamonds, Antwerp), we guarantee you the safety of the most renowned diamond testing labs in the world.
diamond map
We at VON KÖCK can assure you that not a single diamond comes from war zones. We examine every stone for its flawless quality before the most experienced and best diamond and stone cutters in the world process it into a perfectly matched piece of jewellery. This is the only way to guarantee that our diamonds are not cut too flat or too deep.